Our coalition’s aim is to promote the creation of a sustainable, regenerative and generative society. To do so, we develop programs and activities specifically aimed at improving people’s happiness and well-being.

We also promote activities and disseminates concrete solutions that contribute to reducing the impacts of the climate crisis, that facilitate human society’s adaptation to the consequences of climate change and that contribute to the establishment of economic/business models and paradigms that protect the climate and assure a fairer economic system. 

The coalition carries out civic, solidarity-based and socially useful activities on a non-profit basis and in the form of voluntary action. Therefore, partners and supporters are fundamental to our initiatives, both with their expertise and both by their financial support.


If you want to be at the forefront of all our initiatives, be actively involved and put your passion and energy in this project, you can become our partner. It’s very important to us that any member of the coalition actively contributes to the project in terms of know-how, contents and concrete actions towards regeneration. 

If you wish to become a partner please get in touch with us by sending an email. 


If you want to support the project and become a friend of Regeneration 20|30, you can be a supporter. You can share with us your experience in the sector you operate in, and help us achieve our collective goals giving your contribution as much as you can.

You can participate in the coalition initiatives and be part of the Supporters’ Forum, a community of supporters who play a key role in advancing the purposes of Regeneration 20|30.

If you wish to support our activities with donations (financial or in kind),
please get in touch with us by sending an email.