Regeneration 20|30 is the ten-year program of the foundation, built around three strictly interdependent pillars: 

Regenerative Economy, Climate Action, World Happiness.

In order to promote the creation of a sustainable and regenerative society, the primary purpose of all human activities is contributing to individual and collective happiness and well-being, while protecting natural systems in order to restore their ability to regenerate. The climate crisis is the first global emergency to be tackled, while world happiness & well-being, both at individual and collective level, are strictly connected to the environmental urgency.

To pursue this ambitious goal, Regeneration 20|30 aims at engaging the broadest multi-stakeholder coalition, promoting regenerative projects, and broadening the scope, starting from natural to urban regeneration and regenerative industry.


Develop Regenerative Economy

  • Knowledge management and transfer
  • Broker critical resources (knowledge and funds) for regenerative projects
  • Business and consumer engagement

Institutionalize Regenerative Economy

  • Defining sectors and business models
  • Setting metrics and standards
  • Seeking multilateral recognition
  • Advocacy 


Regeneration 20|30 is also an international summit which aims to broaden the regenerative alliance among global leaders from all disciplines, paths, and regions, all committed to the development of the Regenerative Society Foundation program. 

Launched in Parma in October 2020, the Summit will be replicated from Europe, to the Americas, Asia Pacific, Middle East, and Africa, in cooperation with the Regional foundation partners. 

Next editions will be the occasion to present the reports, share progresses through measurement, broaden the coalition, and continue the dialogue started in Parma with the Regeneration 20|30 kick-off.