Regeneration is the set of processes responsible for keeping life in good health through the maintenance and restoration of natural assets

It involves all kinds of biological systems, from microorganisms to large populations, with a scope spanning from land and water systems' protection and restoration, to urban regeneration, to carbon sinks' restoration, to biodiversity protection and recovery, and, ultimately, to regenerative materials innovation and sustainable production.  

Regeneration represents  the fourth “R’’ in the circular economy path: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Regenerate.

Regeneration is, therefore, the next step towards sustainability, as it ultimately pursues the concept of human ecology, i.e., the complex study of human interaction with the planet. 

It also embraces happiness and well-being, meant as the 'propellers' for any regenerative action as well as 'the promised land.' 

Only a regenerative and regenerated environment can sprout a regenerative society. 

Regeneration encompasses several applications and the foundation will add a sector-related scope to its road map each year until 2030.