How can business community contribute to design a more sustainable world? On the occasion of the Earth Day 2020, the UN Sustainable Development Solution Network organized a 24-hours webinars about happiness and sustainability around the world. In the  session “World Happiness Report Partners & Business Community”, hosted by Prof. Jeffrey Sachs (UN SDSN), Davide Bollati (Davines)one of the World Happiness Report’s partner, leader of the B Corp movement and founder of Regeneration 2030 - and Eric Ezechieli, co-founder of Nativa and Regeneration 2030, discussed the role of businesses in shaping a sustainable economy, and the responsibility they have towards their consumers. Together with Paul Polman - co-founder of Imagine and Jan-Emmanuel De Neve - co-editor of the World Happiness Report - they provided their perspectives on the evolving Covid-19 pandemic and its implication on businesses and examined recommendations on business readiness, efficacy, and sustainability to pave the way forward.

The Italian B Corp Summit is a virtual event organized by Nativa and B Corp Italy - partners and founders of Regeneration 2030 - where more than 50 experts, scholars, business and managers have the chance to share their ideas on topics related to sustainability and the B Corp movement. Certified B Corps are businesses that have chosen a more evolved business paradigm going beyond profit to maximize their positive impact on people, planet, and communities. This year’s Summit was also the occasion to launch the “Unlock the Change” campaign, which has a double goal: to ask companies and institutions to shift to a more sustainable economic system and to involve consumers in playing an active role towards this transition.

We had the chance to present our initiative during the Unlock Regeneration 2030 breakout session, through the words of our founders Davide Bollati (Davines)Raimondo Orsini (Fondazione per lo Sviluppo Sostenibile) and Oscar di Montigny (Banca Mediolanum), moderated by Sarah Marder (Wise Places).

This event is part of a series of preparatory webinars that help explore our three pillars in view of our event in Parma. Happiness is one of the three pillars of Regeneration 20|30 coalition; companies, institutions, NGOs, global leaders, and individuals pledge to take concrete actions to contribute to improving the happiness and well-being in all aspects of their and others’ life with a multilateral approach.

The event is hosted by Jeffrey Sachs, University Professor at Columbia University and President, UN SDSN. He will introduce Regeneration 20|30, followed by Paul Polman’s speech - Co-founder and Chair at IMAGINE - about how companies can implement well-being for people and employees. Maria Paola Chiesi - Shared Value & Sustainability Director at Chiesi Farmaceutici – will address happiness and well-being from a Pharma perspective, followed by Andrea Illy, Chairman at illycaffè, will talk about the Regenerative Society Foundation’s mission with a special focus on happiness.

The 17 Sustainable Development Goals have a global value: they concern and involve all countries and communities, from private companies to the public sector, from civil society to information and culture systems.

This is the multi-lateral approach that Regeneration 2030 promotes, working for the development of a new regenerative socioeconomic paradigm through cooperation among all parties. 

The common objective is to raise awareness about environmental, economic, and social sustainability, implementing the 17 United Nations SDG’s, and following a common regenerative path to achieve the commitments taken in the Regeneration 2030 Pledge. 

The music industry, as a bridge between economy and society, can be the perfect driver for a revolutionary change in a global scenario. Following the B Corp model, the music business can act as a force for good in designing a more sustainable future for all. 

How to join forces in order to reach the goal? How to regenerate the old depletive economic model in a new regenerative and sustainable one? How to build our common well-being

Linecheck is the leading Italian music conference and Regeneration 20|30 is happy to participate in the panel  "Music and Responsibility" with some of its founders and partners: Enrico Giovannini - ASviS - Alleanza Italiana per lo Sviluppo Sostenibile, Oscar di Montigny - Banca Mediolanum & Flowe, Paolo Di Cesare - Nativa, Raimondo Orsini - Fondazione per lo Sviluppo Sostenibile, in cooperation with Music Innovation Hub.

On the occasion of Day of Climate Professional, organized by Youth Climate Leaders and dedicated to sustainability- and climate change-related professions, Regeneration 20|30, in cooperation with Humans to Humans, organizes the panel "Race to Zero": How to Decarbonize the World Economy before 2050.

Regeneration 20|30 refers to the climate crisis as the mother of all causes, and the main threat to our common future. To guarantee a sustainable future for the next generations, we need to tackle this crisis with an ambitious and long-term perspective. The world must reach net-zero GHG (greenhouse gases) emissions by 2050 at the latest, while transition to a new socio-economic model which includes a decarbonisation path, with the aim to start a new inclusive and prosperous era, in which all human activities systematically create conditions conducive to life and well-being.

Responding to climate emergency is crucial to lead this change. We must drive action across all sectors and industries to protect the climate and the biosphere, as a necessary condition for everything else to function. In this evolutionary process, young generations can be leaders: demanding governments and international organizations to do their part, raising global awareness about this real emergency and shaping the future by supporting careers that are accelerating solutions to the climate crisis. We need to catalyze action and attention to this topic.



Raimondo Orsini - Director, Fondazione per lo Sviluppo Sostenibile & Regeneration 20|30 Founder

Giuditta Celli - Glaciologist, PNRA-CNR

Alessandro Armillotta - CEO, Aworld

Oscar di Montigny - Chief Innovation, Sustainability and Value Strategy Officer, Banca Mediolanum & President, Flowe;

Nicola Tagliafierro - Head of Sustainable Product Development & Circular Economy at Enel X

The Società Benefit National Day is an annual meeting convened to share the most significant issues and experiences from Società Benefit and to analyze the evolution of this new economic model. 

The event is organized and promoted by AssoBenefit, the association for protection and promotion of the Società Benefit model in Italy. AssoBenefit is chaired by Mauro Del Barba, the promoter of the 2016 bill which established Società Benefit in Italy, and speaker at  Regeneration 20|30 kick-off in Parma in the panel "The B Corp Model".

The second edition took place online Friday, 11 December, from 9 AM to 8.30 PM. Regeneration 20|30 founders Eric Ezechieli (Nativa) and Maria Paola Chiesi (Chiesi Group) participated in two sessions, dedicated to partners' initiatives and women empowerment respectively.  In the afternoon session, from 4:30 to 5:30 PM, Giovanna Gregori, Director of the Regenerative Society Foundation, presented Regeneration 20|30 as an enriching initiative that can contribute positively to the Società Benefit community.

Click here to download the program*.

To pave the way towards Cop26 next November in Glasgow, the United Nations, the United Kingdom, and France, in partnership with Italy and Chile, organized the Climate Ambition Summit 2020 Saturday, 12 December, to mark the 5th Anniversary of the adoption of the Paris Agreement.

Although the next Cop26 is less than a year away, climate change does not wait: urgent and effective actions must be taken by all actors of society. The Paris Agreement’s pillars - mitigation, adaptation and finance - will guide the commitments governments, businesses and civil society will make on this occasion. The event's purpose is to be a meaningful platform for civil society, young people, indigenous peoples representatives, businesses, cities, and other non-state actors

Regeneration 20|30 and the Regenerative Society Foundation expressed their new and ambitious commitments as non-State actors in the following video, through the words of its founders. 

Can fashion reinvent itself to become a truly sustainable and regenerative business? If so, how? Which approach should be adopted? Which targets should be set? 

Join the Regenerative Society Foundation, Quantis and leaders in the fashion space as we explore the answers to these questions in an open dialogue about the fashion industry and sustainable development. 

Over the last few years, brands in the apparel and footwear industry have come under increasing pressure to take action on social and environmental issues. The stakes are high and there is a strong willingness for sustainable change, but the pace of improvement varies significantly across the industry. Initiatives such as The Fashion Pact are attempting to accelerate industry transformation by bringing together fashion and textile companies, suppliers and retailers to share best practices and find and scale solutions to common challenges to achieve critical impact on a global scale.

In this interactive session, experts and specialists from Diesel, Fibershed, Fondazione per lo Sviluppo SostenibileOTB, Quantis, The Regenerative Society Foundation, and Salvatore Ferragamo will share their experience and concrete examples of how fashion brands can take a bold step forward on the journey towards becoming sustainable and regenerative businesses and the tools they can leverage along the way.  


Rebecca Burgess

 Executive Director

Michela Gioacchini

Senior Sustainability Consultant


Simone Pedrazzini


Giovanna Gregori


Sara Mariani

Chief Sustainability Officer

Raimondo Orsini


Andrea Rosso

Sustainability Ambassador

Veronica Tonini

Chief Strategy Officer & Sustainability Coordinator