Join the founders of Regeneration 2030 Summit and other global leaders in a dicussion about the future of global economy & wellbeing, where the climate crisis is central as a real emergency.



This is a call for all regenerative leaders around the world - policy makers, entrepreneurs & managers from the private and public sector, academics, individuals from all spiritual paths and traditions - to start a global movement with no borders, to join this unique community of humans, willing not only to discuss and find immediately viable solutions for the major issues, but to commit and implement these solutions in their everyday personal and professional lives.


Sustainability, a much abused & fashionable word today, has the original and deep sense that we want to remember and pursue: meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs.

Today we need a quick and drastic change in the economic paradigm, switching from an extractive model which depleted our natural resources to a regenerative one, which will allow a future for the next generations.

The climate crisis is the first global emergency to tackle, and the world happiness & wellbeing both at individual and collective level, is strictly connected to the environmental urgency.



Parma, named Italian Capital of Culture for 2020, will host the Summit.

On this occasion, the city is willing to leave a true legacy of the Italian Culture, going beyond a mere series of beautiful events and locations. With its size and heritage, with its unique district of local 'enlightened' entrepreneurs, with its tradition of community engagement - Parma embodies an Italian lifestyle which incorporates happiness & wellbeing, altruism, creativity and the will to tackle global issues such as the climate change emergency.
The participants attending the Summit will then have the chance to present and bring the results and the pledge emerged from the two days in Parma to the attention of Pope Francis at the Vatican in Rome.


Reaching Parma is very easy. 

By train: several options are offered by Trenitalia - the leading company in Italy - from the biggest Italian cities and from the main European capitals. 

By flight: Parma airport is directly linked to Rome, London, Paris, Bucarest and Bruxelles. Nearby there are others important airports like Bologna, Bergamo, Milan and Verona that are suitable to get to the city. 

Parma’s hospitality system provides many different hotels, from informal to extra luxury category. There are slots of rooms dedicated to the Summit’s hosts: please visit this web site to select your favorite hotel and book your room for this unique occasion.