A coalition of
Global Leaders

Regeneration 20|30 groups together businesses, institutions and individuals involved in a collaborative effort. An economic, social, and environmental endeavour with a time span of 2020-2030.

The crisis we face requires us to build up this platform and launchpad for the development of a regenerative economy through cooperation among all parties. 


We have 10 years to address and take concrete action in these three, deeply interconnected, areas:
Regenerative Economy, World Happiness & Climate Action. 



We envision a global economy in which enterprises and all other actors are a positive force that regenerates humans, society, and the biosphere. Businesses measure their impact and create value for all stakeholders, understanding that we together are responsible for future generations.



The pursuit of happiness in its deepest meaning of self-realization, altruism, individual & social wellbeing, is the ultimate life goal and the new frontier of sustainability. Policy makers, private & public organizations and spiritual leaders should commit to achieve happiness as the real measure of human progress.



Climate crisis is the main threat to our common future. The world must reach net-zero GHG (greenhouse gases) emissions by 2050 at the latest. We hereby commit for a strong effort to shift our business models towards a decarbonization path for starting a new inclusive and prosperous economy.



Our aim is to start a dialogue and build a regenerative coalition among global leaders. Leaders in all sectors, disciplines, paths, and countries, to share ideas, improve practices, and above all, take a strong and clear commitment to concrete action in the upcoming years. 
All members – policy makers, entrepreneurs, spiritual leaders, academics, members of NGOs and the civil society - will sign the Regenerative Economy, World Happiness, and Climate Action Pledge, demonstrate, share and commit to their own 2030 goals, and follow-up every year until 2030.


Join the founders of Regeneration 20|30 and other global leaders in a virtual and physical discussion about the future of global economy & wellbeing, where the climate crisis is central as a real emergency.  

Parma, named Italian Capital of Culture for 2020, will host the first meeting of the Regeneration 20|30 coalition on October 15-16, 2020.

All participants will design our common way forward to build a more sustainable future. 



Be the change you want to see in the world!

Be part of the regeneration, join this community of people from around the world
who are truly engaged to shift the present paradigm and invert this unsustainable route, commit signing the pledge and ‘walk the talk’ to achieve the Regeneration 20|30 goals.



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of the project and how to take part

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We need everyone who is committed to the regenerative agenda to play a part!
Regeneration 20|30 is a worldwide coalition, open to all parties that want not only to be part of the group but also play an active role in the regeneration.

Send an email to Chiara Patitucci, and we will reach out to you soon to hear how you wish to participate.