Regeneration 20|30 was born as a platform and a launchpad for the development of a regenerative economy through cooperation among all parties. In order to guarantee governance for a medium-long term period, the Regenerative Society Foundation was incorporated and Regeneration 20|30 became the ten-year program of the Foundation. 

Our mission is to promote the transition to a regenerative socio-economic model, meant as a paradigm shift towards bio-driven sustainability. Our macro-objectives for 2030 are to develop and institutionalize a regenerative economy.


Today we need a quick and drastic change in the socio-economic paradigm, switching from the present extractive model, which has depleted our natural resources, to a regenerative one, which will allow a future for the next generations. 

We want to create a regenerative society by accelerating the transformation of the current depletive paradigm of economic, cultural and social extraction - founded on 'industrial growth' - into a new one in which human activities create favourable conditions for life on this planet, as the only possible way to guarantee a sustainable future for all human beings.

In such a society, the primary purpose of human activities and, in particular, of business and economic activities, is to pursue the priority goal of caring for individuals and for the communities they belong to, contributing to the happiness and well-being of each individual and of the collectivity as a whole.


The Regenerative Society Foundation was born centred around a three-layered pledge: 

Regenerative Economy for Climate and Happiness.

All members of the coalition are signing the pledge, to demonstrate, share, and commit to their own 2030 goals, following up every year until 2030.



We envision a global economy in which enterprises and all other actors are a positive force that regenerates humans, society, and the biosphere. Businesses measure their impact and create value for all stakeholders, understanding that we together are responsible for future generations.



Climate crisis is the main threat to our common future. The world must reach net-zero GHG (greenhouse gases) emissions by 2050 at the latest. We hereby commit for a strong effort to shift our business models towards a decarbonization path for starting a new inclusive and prosperous economy.




The pursuit of happiness in its deepest meaning of self-realization, altruism, individual & social well-being, is the ultimate life goal and the new frontier of sustainability. Policy makers, private & public organizations and spiritual leaders should commit to achieve happiness as the real measure of human progress.

We have 10 years to address and take concrete action in these three deeply interconnected areas.

The foundation counts on a unique, multilateral coalition of global leaders from all paths and regions, made of entrepreneurs, policymakers, academics, spiritual leaders, governmental and non-governmental organizations, and the civil society.

New founders and supporters are welcome to join us and be part of the regeneration. 

Join this community of people from around the world, truly engaged to shift the present paradigm and invert this unsustainable route; sign the pledge and ‘walk the talk’ to achieve the Regenerative Society Foundation goals. 


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