April 22, 2020 - online

Happiness and sustainability around the Earth webinars

World Happiness Report Partners  & Business Community

How can business community contribute to design a more sustainable world? On the occasion of the Earth Day 2020, the UN Sustainable Development Solution Network organized a 24-hours webinars about happiness and sustainability around the world. In the  session “World Happiness Report Partners & Business Community”, hosted by Prof. Jeffrey Sachs (UN SDSN), Davide Bollati (Davines) – one of the World Happiness Report’s partner, leader of the B Corp movement and founder of Regeneration 2030 - and Eric Ezechieli, co-founder of Nativa and Regeneration 2030, discussed the role of businesses in shaping a sustainable economy, and the responsibility they have towards their consumers. Together with Paul Polman - co-founder of Imagine and Jan-Emmanuel De Neve - co-editor of the World Happiness Report - they provided their perspectives on the evolving Covid-19 pandemic and its implication on businesses and examined recommendations on business readiness, efficacy, and sustainability to pave the way forward.

JULY 16, 2020 – on line

Unlock Regeneration 2030 @ TIME to B
THe Italian B Corp Summit

The Italian B Corp Summit is a virtual event organized by Nativa and B Corp Italy - partners and founders of Regeneration 2030 - where more than 50 experts, scholars, business and managers have the chance to share their ideas on topics related to sustainability and the B Corp movement. Certified B Corps are businesses that have chosen a more evolved business paradigm going beyond profit to maximize their positive impact on people, planet, and communities. This year’s Summit was also the occasion to launch the “Unlock the Change” campaign, which has a double goal: to ask companies and institutions to shift to a more sustainable economic system and to involve consumers in playing an active role towards this transition.

We had the chance to present our initiative during the Unlock Regeneration 2030 breakout session, through the words of our founders Davide Bollati (Davines), Raimondo Orsini (Fondazione per lo sviluppo Sostenibile) and Oscar di Montigny (Banca Mediolanum), moderated by Sarah Marder (Wise Places).


SEPTEMBER 22, 2020 – on line

4 PM - UK time / 5 PM - Italian time / 11 AM - New York Time

Regeneration 2030 webinar: a comprehensive approach to happiness and well-being

This event is part of a series of preparatory webinars that help explore our three pillars in view of our event in Parma. Happiness is one of the three pillars of Regeneration 20|30 coalition; companies, institutions, NGOs, global leaders, and individuals pledge to take concrete actions to contribute to improving the happiness and well-being in all aspects of their and others’ life with a multilateral approach.

The event is hosted by Jeffrey Sachs, University Professor at Columbia University and President, UN SDSN. He will introduce Regeneration 20|30, followed by Paul Polman’s speech - Co-founder and Chair at IMAGINE - about how companies can implement well-being for people and employees. Maria Paola Chiesi - Shared Value & Sustainability Director at Chiesi Farmaceutici – will address happiness and well-being from a Pharma perspective, followed by Andrea Illy, Chairman at illycaffè, will talk about the Regenerative Society Foundation’s mission with a special focus on happiness.